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One of the premier developments on Grand Lake in northeastern Oklahoma, Buffalo Shores South has it all: located on a point projecting out into Grand Lake, lovely homes, waterfront vistas, rolling wooded hills, on-site club, swimming pool, children’s playground, and more! About 260 properties, including some vacant lots, anchor the neighborhood’s 253 acres.

Our place is populated with friendly people of all age groups – moving here from all over the country to enjoy life on beautiful Grand Lake.

About Buffalo Shores South

Property Owners Association

One of the benefits of living at Buffalo Shores South is the Property Owners Association, formed in 2006 to help keep the neighborhood a special place to live. Our goals are to help ensure an attractive and safe community, protect all our property values, and enhance the quality of life for all residents. Learn more about the POA and you’ll see what it does and why it matters. Welcome to our place!

Mission. The mission of the Buffalo Shores South Property Owners Association (BSSPOA) is to promote general attractiveness, enhance home values, and support property rights within the neighborhood.

History and Development. The Buffalo Shores South Property Owners Association (BSSPOA) was established in 2006 as a Limited Liability Company (LLC). Typically, there are about 85 homeowners belonging to the organization each year.

Buffalo Shores South Subdivision

The Buffalo Shores South subdivision was established in the 1980s by the late Gayle Towry, as a covenant-protected development. The property encompasses about 253 acres, including 11 units, each with its own set of covenants.

The subdivision is located within the city limits of Grove, Oklahoma, and therefore has access to city services, such as garbage disposal, water and gas utilities, street maintenance, and police protection.


The Buffalo Shores South Property Owners Association is delighted to welcome new and renewing members to the organization. All owners of property within the subdivision are eligible for membership. Property owners may become voting members by making a yearly contribution of $75 to the Association.

The POA launches a membership campaign every summer, but we invite you to join now by using the online membership button, below. If you prefer you may pay by check at this link: Buffalo Shores South POA Membership. Please print out and complete the form and send it with your check for $75 to Buffalo Shores South Property Owners Association LLC, P.O. Box 452192, Grove, OK 74345.

POA is dedicated to safeguarding property owners’ private information, including email addresses, maintained on the Association’s internal database. For more information on the privacy policy, click here.

Online Membership Form


BSS Membership
Price: $75.00

The Submit button will process your form and redirect you to the PayPal site where you can make payment with a debit/credit card, or your PayPal account.

Covenants of Buffalo Shores South

BSS Covenants

Buffalo Shores South is divided into several smaller residential units – each with its own set of covenants. As a result, one property-owner at the edge of one unit might have a different set of covenants from a neighbor across the street. Eleven sets of covenants exist in the Buffalo Shores development.

This condition developed as the sub-division evolved.  What might be a complicated and confusing situation is less problematic because the covenant sets are very similar, except for some minor differences affecting construction and size of residences. There are few differences in covenants regarding upkeep and maintenance of external appearances.

However, it is important for each owner to understand the covenants affecting his or her own property. Each new property owner should have received a copy of the covenants by the time closing takes place. However, if owners have any questions or need a copy of their set of covenants, they may contact the POA at info@buffaloshoressouth.com. Owners also may access their specific covenants through the “Covenants and Plat Maps” link on this site.

Covenants and Plat Maps

Unit #1 Covenant, Plat Map

Unit #2 Covenant, Plat Map

Unit #2 Ext. Covenant, Plat Map

Unit #3 Covenant, Plat Map

Unit #3 Ext. Covenant, Plat Map

Unit #4 Covenant, Plat Map

Unit #4 Ext. Covenant, Plat Map

Unit #5 Covenant, Plat Map

Unit #5 Ext. Covenant, Plat Map

Unit #6 Covenant, Plat Map

Unit #7 CovenantPlat Map

Property Owners Can Help

Covenant compliance is the responsibility of every property owner.  All owners need to abide by the covenants in their own unit. Also, if people notice violations, they should feel free to contact any member of the POA Board of Managers for follow-up. This process allows for timely identification of problem areas and could avoid potential conflicts among neighbors.

The POA is dedicated to promoting Buffalo Shores South as a beautiful, healthy and safe place to live – as well as enhancing home values and the rights of property owners in the community. By working together, property owners can ensure that Buffalo Shores South remains a premier place to live on Grand Lake.

POA Management

The POA is managed by a six-member Board of Managers elected by the membership. Managers serve on staggered two-year terms.




The Assistant Executive Manager supports and assists the Executive Manager in conducting the business of the Association. The position assumes the duties of the Executive Manager if required by the absence of the Executive Manager.




The Secretary Manager works to assure that records of the organization are accessible and sufficient for operation. The position maintains non-financial and correspondence records, records the actions and discussions at meetings, assists with conducting the annual election, and coordinates compliance with state legal requirements.



The Financial Manager serves as the chief financial officer of the Association. The position assures that Association funds are properly accounted for and expended. The Financial Manager maintains all financial records and regularly reports to the Board regarding the financial status of the Association.




The Membership Manager works to improve communication with potential and existing members, increase the number of members, and encourage active involvement in Association activities. The position maintains an updated list of members and owners, oversees an organizational web site, and implements a yearly membership campaign.


The Covenants Awareness Manager works to ensure that sub-division covenants are followed. The position monitors covenant compliance by properties, responds to complaints of covenant violation, communicates with owners to seek compliance, and works with the City of Grove on ordinance violations.

Architectural Committee

The Buffalo Shores South Architectural Committee works to ensure that specific covenant restrictions and requirements are followed in construction projects for those units assigned to the Committee by the covenants. The Committee reviews plans for construction of new homes as well as additions or renovations to existing homes. Review of construction plans is guided by a Checklist for Compliance with Covenants. The Checklist also can be used as a reference by building contractors and owners.

Programs & Activities


Since the Buffalo Shores South Property Owners Association was formed in 2006, the organization has developed a number of programs aimed at enhancing the neighborhood. These programs include:



The Property Owners Association ensure that common areas, such as entrances, are welcoming and maintained appropriately. For example, the POA maintains the lights at both entrances, adding to the general appeal of the neighborhood and contributing to overall safety. Also, the Association assures repairs to entrance pillars as needed.

In addition, POA enhanced both entrances by creating and maintaining landscaped flower beds that offer visual interest throughout the seasons. This project included installing irrigation systems, planting flowers and shrubs and keeping the lawn area mowed.


Consistent with the POA mission, a Covenants Education Program was launched in an effort to create greater awareness of the covenants within Buffalo Shores South. Procedures were established for addressing cases of flagrant covenant violations. Letters are sent to property owners to inform them of covenant issues and to seek their cooperation in addressing them. The vast majority of those issues are resolved quickly by the owners.



Since 2007, the POA has organized an annual neighborhood garage sale, designed to reduce the number of individual sales throughout the year and to take advantage of multi-home appeal to buyers. Each year on the weekend after Mother’s Day, participating homeowners may hold their own sales on their own property. The POA handles the organization, advertising, signage, and city permits.



Beginning in 2008, the Property Owners Association has joined forces with the Buffalo Shores Recreation Club to sponsor food drives to help needy families of Delaware County. During the food drive residents are asked to drop off food items at the Recreation Clubhouse and donated items are delivered to the Grove Christian H.E.L.P. Center for distribution. Monetary gifts are encouraged as well.


In an effort to promote a welcoming holiday spirit each year, the POA purchased Christmas lights and wreaths, which are secured on the pillars at both entrances to the neighborhood. The beautiful lights and wreaths are placed shortly after Thanksgiving and removed in January.


The POA initiated and maintains a web site that is used within the neighborhood and beyond. The site was developed to share information about the Association’s goals and activities and to promote a safe, attractive neighborhood at Buffalo Shores South. In addition, Email alerts are distributed as needed to inform owners of developing situations within the community.


The Buffalo Shores Recreation Club (BSRC) is a distinct and separate organization from the Property Owners Association, with a different mission, goals, and activities.

The Club organizes several annual events, such as the Pool Opening/Memorial Day Weekend Party, Fourth of July Party, Labor Day Weekend Golf Cart Poker run, and Christmas Party.

The Club was set up as a separate organization from the Property Owners Association, with a different mission, goals, and activities. Although separate, the two organizations collaborate on a number of programs, such as the neighborhood food drives and garage sale.

The Buffalo Shores Recreation Club is centrally located in the Buffalo Shores South development on three wooded acres at the corner of Pine Drive and Shore Drive. The Clubhouse meeting room will seat groups as large as 45 people for dining or discussion. It is equipped with a bar, serving counters, sink, microwave oven, conventional oven, refrigerator, icemaker, big-screen smart TV, wireless internet access, and basic cable TV. Around two sides of the Clubhouse is a large deck with patio tables.

A Club highlight is the large swimming pool that is open from mid-May until late September. Surrounding the pool are lounge chairs and patio tables with umbrellas. Restrooms are accessible both from the outside pool area and from the interior meeting room.

Adjacent to the pool is a large new play equipment area that is a delight for the youngsters. The shade of the old-growth oak trees that populate the club grounds is perfect for picnics and outdoor games.

The Club grounds and swimming pool are professionally maintained.

The Club is managed by a seven-member Board of Directors nominated by and elected each January at the Club Annual Meeting. Board officers are President, Secretary, Financial Director, Purchasing Director, Membership Director, Facilities Director, and Social Director.

Club memberships are voluntary and are open to any Buffalo Shores South property owner. Membership is required to utilize the facilities. The annual dues of $375 paid before March 31, or $425 paid after, give you access to the Clubhouse and pool area and an automatic invitation to all scheduled club activities. Scheduling your own party or gathering at the clubhouse is as simple as contacting the Club Social Director and penciling your name in on the Clubhouse schedule calendar.This is without a doubt one of the best bargains in the greater Grove area and new members are welcomed. Contact any Board member for questions and membership information.

Friday Evening Hospitality

On Friday evenings, the club holds a hospitality hour at 5 p.m. followed by a Pot Luck dinner at 6 p.m. These Pot Lucks sometimes feature a local speaker who brings attendees up to date on current happenings in the area. A few times a year, these Friday night gatherings feature a themed party organized by the club Social Director.

To pay by check download the off-line form, complete it, make check payable to BSRC, and mail to PO Box 452182 Grove, Ok 74345-2182.


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